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laceandribbonz's Journal

Lace and RibbonZ
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This is a fashion community not like the others... Let me explain.

First, you are invited to post pictures of you with your own style. Creative people have their place here! Then, post pictures of [original-not "serial" thing] trends you like. Also, post pictures of designer collections you like. If you are a fashion deisgner, post some pictures of your creations! Post pictures of artists (musician, actors, actress, etc) which style inspired you. Post pictures of models. Post icons.

1. Must be original. Not the things-everybody-have. Be creative!
2. If you post a picture of an artist, post a least 5 pictures. You can comment their style and want you like about it, no problem about that.
3. If you post model or designer collections (runways, couture, etc) pictures, post at least 5 pictures.
4. Be respectful with everybody. Everyone has the right to have his own opinion. No insults or you get banned!
5. No copy cats. If a designer-to-be post pictures of his/her collection, do not copy.
6. If someone post pictures of his/her own style, respect it. If you are the author, post at leat 2 pictures.
7. If you post pictures about a trend, post at least 3 pictures. You can comment it.

That's all! No more rules. I don't like rules X_X that much, but you know.